Les Nuits

Stage design
Angelin Preljocaj

Scénographie réalisée pour le ballet d'Angelin Preljocaj, d'après le texte des "Milles et Une Nuits".

Various sceneries are outlined against the light of a backdrop with changing colors. A palace, a jail-city are being constructed in front of the audience. The vertical lines of the movable moucharabieh seem to keep the dancers in as many cages. As the death of Sheherazade is postponed every day by her tales, the jail bars are elastic bands continually stretched by the dancers. A play of light and shadows, this stage design is the result of a new team work with Angelin Preljocaj, begun in 2009 with the show Le Funambule.

Maison des Arts de Créteil (mai 2013) | Grand Théâtre de Provence (octobre 2013) | Palais Chaillot (janvier 2014) | Versailles Opéra Royal - Château de Versailles (décembre 2013).


La Fresque

Stage design and videos
Ballet Preljocaj


Stage design
Wang Ramirez

Le Funambule

Stage design
Ballet Preljocaj

Concert L. Garnier

Stage design
Concert de Laurent Garnier